Destination Wedding Dress

Wondering the exciting way to travel with your destination wedding dress? There is nothing more exciting than hopping on a plane and jetting off to your Indian destination wedding. Something that may not be so exciting is viewing your delicate dress after a full day of travel, if you have not taken proper precautions to safeguard it! Read on some musts when transporting your destination wedding dress to and from your resort!

1: Never Check in Your Wedding Dress

First thing, never fold up your dress in a suitcase and check it at the luggage station. Many things can go wrong. Your bag might get lost or tampered, means you will be on a beautiful island without a beautiful wedding dress! Wedding dress will also be harder to press or steam once you remove it from your bag, so carry-on is the way to.

2: Get a Garment Bag

Brick & mortar retailers and online shops sell garment bags designed especially for destination wedding travel. Generally, a 72 inch bag is large enough to hold a gown.

3: Properly Stow Your Dress on the Plane

Ask the flight attendant upon boarding if they can hang it, but if they say no then you will be fighting for overhead bin space for your dress. Once everyone puts in their roller boards just place your dress on top. This will ensure safe travel and minimal wrinkling..

4: Hang Your Dress

On deboarding, remember to keep the bag upright, or even ask an airport attendant for a travel rack to hang your dress on while you pick up the rest of your luggage or make your way through the airport.

5: Ground Transportation & Your Wedding Dress

When you hail a cab to travel to the resort, lay the gownbag flat on top of your luggage in the trunk or you can even lay it across your lap inside the car to keep it wrinkle free.

6: Choose the Right Fabrics

It is wise to choose a gown can be pressed or steamed. Materials like chiffon and cotton jersey can easily be steamed, while satin and silk tend to wrinkle easily and are more difficult to press and smooth.

7: Post-travel Dress Prep

Once you have a gown and garment bag, consider making arrangements to have your resort venue press and steam your gown. You should not wait until the last minute to do this, so within a few hours of your arrival, you ask your coordinator take your dress to the appropriate location to get it ceremony ready!

8: Get a Sewing Kit and lint brush

Last minute emergencies do happen. It is wise to bring a sewing kit to mend strings, as well as a lint brush to make your gown look pristine before walking down the beachy aisle.