The First Steps to a Dream Wedding

For you and all your guests, an Indian destination wedding in Jamaica can truly be the event of a lifetime. Why? Because each of the special venues available for your Jamaica wedding is stunning, comfortable, and specially chosen to take advantage of that legendary Jamaica charm and visual opulence. Rishtey Destinations works with you to plan the perfect event, one that uses Jamaica’s excellent weather, sparkling beauty, and romantic atmosphere for the grand setting.

Find the resort that's perfect for you.

Other Destinations

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Jamaica

When you select among gorgeous, unique venues like Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril you simply can’t go astray. These three locations all have their own brand of charm and elegance along with plenty of fun and excitement for your entire party. Every Indian destination wedding in Jamaica has its own kind of ambiance. There are many Jamaica wedding packages to choose from so that you can get just the right style to suit your desires. What is the best Jamaica destination wedding? It’s up to you, but your professional planning team will take care of all the details. Keep in mind that the best Jamaica wedding packages are all-inclusive and allow for input from you at every step of the way.

Planning Made Easy

Of course, every grand journey begins with a first step. That’s why you’ll want to consult with your Rishtey Destinations planner to explain all your specific desires and provide key information like the size of your party, the kind of decor your prefer, your favorite wedding foods, special events you want to include before or after the ceremony, and more. Destination weddings at all-inclusive resorts and venues offer a wide range of selections when it comes to guest accommodations, cuisine, floral arrangements, and timing of various events, decor, entertainment, and other significant details.

Leave the Details to Us

An Indian destination wedding in Jamaica offers a virtually endless array of options. You’ll never have to deal with details once you fill us in on what you want. Our team at Rishtey Destinations will take it from there. The very best all-inclusive destsination wedding packages are at your fingertips. The best thing of all is that your input is what gets the process started. The planning team begins with your choices about food, the number of guests, and other key factors. Then, all you need to do is select among the best resorts and venues for an Indian wedding destination in Jamaica that will create lasting memories for you and everyone who attends.

The Magic of Jamaica

How does the eternal beauty of this incredible place help create an Indian destination wedding in Jamaica that will live forever in your memory and soul? To begin with, Jamaica is a diamond of natural luster that combines a vibrant culture, relaxing beaches, calm evenings under the stars, exciting night life, rich historical heritage, and local people who are friendly and helpful in so many ways. One of the best-kept secrets about an Indian destination wedding in Jamaica is that you and your guests will have ample time to explore the surrounding area, meet the locals, and learn about the interesting history and culture of which Jamaicans are so proud. You can have your dream wedding in Jamaica. Another part of the local magic is variety. When you plan a wedding in sunny Jamaica, you’ll be amazed at the diversity of the landscape, the many historic locales, and the everyday culture that makes this place such a beloved wedding, vacation, and retirement destination for so many people all over the world.

Destination Wedding Venues in Jamaica

Three Wonderful Venues to Fulfill Your Desires

What are the very best Jamaica wedding packages and venues? Whether you have a large or small party, you can find several different venues that will suit your needs. Indeed, even if your tastes range from traditional to modern wedding motifs, Jamaica has you covered. Rishtey Destinations suggests three of the key places that couples tend to love the most. For example, you can choose among equally gorgeous resorts in several Jamaica locations. Here’s a quick look at three top wedding venues that might interest you, and what each one has to offer:

  • Montego Bay: The Hyatt Ziva Rosehall is a legend. The resort is comfortably tucked away on Montego’s very best beach, making it a top-notch Caribbean getaway for young and old. You’ll be able to choose from dozens of interesting, fun activities like beach volleyball, snorkeling, and sampling fresh cuisine right at the seaside. The choice of international drinks and dishes at the venue is unmatched, and you’ll never be at a loss for something to do or see.
  • Ocho Rios: At the Moon Palace Jamaica in fabulous Ocho Rios, you’ll taste paradise. From here, you have a complete view of the Caribbean and can watch the sun rise and set over its shimmering waters. The entire resort is surrounded by beaches with clear-as-glass water and boasts 700-plus rooms, is a quick five-minute jaunt from the downtown area, and ranks as not only one of the top resorts in the nation but the newest in Ocho Rios.

You’ll be able to choose from a huge menu of fun, interesting activities, relaxing times at the beach, or quiet hikes nearby. The service is unmatched and the amenities are numerous. When you stay at Moon Palace, you and your guests will always have free wireless internet, an attentive staff, room service around the clock, top restaurants on site, and a full array of snacks and beverages whenever you want them.

  • Negril: On Seven Mile Beach, one of the world’s most famous pieces of resort property, the Azul Beach Resort is a place where people come from all corners of the globe to experience the unique sunlit days and starry, blue-sky evenings. Ocean-front rooms dot the edges of the property and top-ranked international meals are prepared by master chefs in this stunning place that boasts some of the very best ocean views in existence.

There’s live entertainment on tap, too, and a vast selection of activities for you and your guests. If you have children with you, there are plenty of supervised activities for them as well.

No matter what you choose, each Indian destination wedding in Jamaica is designed and planned specifically for you and your party. Whatever resort you select will offer unparalleled service right down to the most minute detail. It’s up to you to decide about your special events like local excursions, scenic hikes, motor-biking, shopping trips, and the like. Your package is built entirely around your needs and desires, whether your Jamaican destination wedding is large, small, modern, or traditional.

Putting Everything Together

The great news is this: your Jamaica wedding can match whatever you imagine it to be. Our team will take care of the details so you can sit back and enjoy one of the most important experiences of your life. All our wedding destination packages in Jamaica offer a lifetime of memories full of beauty, serenity, and pleasure. Jamaica is famous for its gorgeous beaches, skies, and moonlit nights. That’s why it’s the perfect place for any Indian destination wedding