1 . Pick a Date

Picking your Indian destination wedding date is very important. Some destinations have a rainy season, some have a family vacation and some have a very popular season when prices are high.

Riviera Maya Mexico

Late Dec.- March: Perfect weather Very crowded Most expensive

May- November: Hot and Humid Could have rain Less crowded Least expensive


Late Dec- March: Cooler evenings

July and August: Hot Very crowded Holidays are very expensive

April-May: Perfect temperatures

Sept. to mid Dec.: Could have rain Least expensive

Punta Cana

Late Dec.- March: Cooler evenings

July and August: Hot all the time Very crowded Holiday season expensive

April-May: Perfect temperatures

Sept.- mid Dec.: Could have rain Least expensive European Holiday time

2. Research Legal Requirements

First determine if you want to have a legal wedding or a symbolic wedding. Each destination has their own local marriage requirements and laws related to your ability to be legally married or even have a symbolic wedding. You also need to determine if the location permits LGBT ceremonies or can provide someone that is familiar with your religion to perform your wedding. Some locations have requirements that you to arrive 3 days or more prior to your wedding. Other locations will require that you take a blood test or have a meeting with a Justice of the Peace.

3. Pick a Destination

Once you have an understanding of the local laws at your dream location and find that they meet your date requirements, now it is time to pick the destination. As you think about your destination keep in mind where most of your guests will be traveling from. Most guests will attend a destination wedding for 3 or 4 nights. You may have been dreaming of getting married in an overwater bungalow in Tahiti, but if most of your guests are coming from New York, the 14 hours of travel and $1500 airline ticket might have them rethink attending. For 2015 some of the most popular locations for tropical destination weddings are Mexico (Riviera Maya and Cancun from the East and Central US) and Cabo or Puerto Vallarta from the West Coast, Jamaica, and Punta Cana. The one thing these locations have in common is easy flights from most of the USA.

4. Pick a Resort and Venue

Now is the time to pick your resort. A few important questions:

  •  Do you want kids or is the event adults only?
  • Do you want an all-inclusive resort?
  • Where do you want your ceremony? Beach, Pool, Garden, Pier, Roof Top?
  • Where do you want your reception? Beach, Pool Garden, Pier, Ballroom, on a Boat?
  • What other activities do you want?

5. Pick a Planner

It is very important that you pick an experienced Travel Agent or Wedding Planner that has planned and hosted events similar to yours in the past. Vacationeeze has been helping clients since 1978. A planner will know which destinations meet your needs in terms of dates and legal requirements. The planner will also know the resorts and have contacts in the destination you are interested in for décor, music, videos, flowers, photography and transportation. A good planner will take care of your guest travel needs, negotiate with the hotel and the vendors and help create a stress free dream destination wedding for you and your family.