Destination Wedding

As you enter the beginning stages of planning a wedding, perhaps you have considered the idea of a destination wedding, but have shied away from it because it seems like a daunting task to plan something so large for so many people. Maybe you’ve seen Indian destination weddings on TV but haven’t seen how those were planned and how the couple went about making sure that everything was how they wanted it to be when it occurred so far away from their home. While it may seem mysterious and confusing, the reality is that a destination wedding can often be cheaper and easier for a couple to plan than a traditional wedding in the United States.

So What IS a Destination Wedding Exactly?

The name of a destination wedding is slightly self-explanatory, but there’s more to it than simply having a wedding ceremony at a distant location. A typical destination wedding actually includes the ceremony venue of your choice, the ceremony officiant, a dedicated on-site wedding planner, document assistance, some décor, some flowers, ceremony music, wedding cake, catering and bar service, as well as a honeymoon package for the newlyweds. As you can see, the destination is really only a small part of the entirety of a destination wedding package. These destination wedding packages are a large part of the reason that choosing to have this type of ceremony can be much less stressful for the couple. With assistants that are on-site, experience, and knowledgeable about wedding planning the bride and groom have much less to worry about leading up to the ceremony. Additionally, as destination weddings tend to have slightly smaller guest lists, the couple is also able to spend less time worrying about sending out invitations and managing RSVPs. A destination wedding is not only a chance to have your wedding at a beautiful location that represents your love and commitment for each other, but is also a great way to do so with far less stress and planning required on your own part.

How Much Does a Destination Wedding Cost?

Ok, so if a destination wedding is less stressful and requires less planning by the couple, then it would seem like the overall cost of the wedding should be much higher. However, that isn’t the case at all. Despite the luxurious resort surroundings and beautiful scenery, a destination wedding typically costs under $10,000. When compared to the average cost of a traditional wedding in the U.S. of over $30,000, destination weddings are a great way to get a gorgeous ceremony and save money at the same time. That’s a large part of the reason more and more couples are choosing to opt for a destination wedding over a traditional wedding. These savings are achieved in many ways. First off, the venue for the ceremony is usually either included with the destination wedding package or available for a much lower price than it normally costs to rent a venue in the U.S. Additionally, since the guests at a destination wedding stay at the resort in a block of rooms booked by the bride and groom, they contribute to the costs of the wedding. Also, due to the smaller guest list, the couple isn’t required to pay for as many invitations, wedding favors, or reception meals. Finally, if you plan ahead you can find great deals on all-inclusive resorts that allow you to have the meals, drinks, and entertainment already included in the price up front, and all without having to worry about any hidden fees. As you can tell, there are several small, surprising ways that destination weddings save the bride and groom money.

Where Can a Destination Wedding Happen?

Alright, so here comes the fun part: matching the couple to their perfect wedding location. When it comes to picking the scenery for a destination wedding venue, the sky is almost literally the limit. Obviously, some traditionally popular locations are the beautiful beaches that can be found around the world such as: Cancun, Bahamas, Tahiti, New Zealand, the Caribbean, or Central America. However, destination wedding venues are most certainly not restricted to tropical beaches. Some of the many other options include European villas, castles, or mountains, Indian jungles or palaces, or any of several scenic locations in Asia. Of course, different destinations and the amount of travel required to get there will impact the costs discussed in the previous section, but it is worth noting that the list of possible destinations is limited only by the imagination and dreams of the couple planning their wedding.

How Do You Plan a Destination Wedding?

Similarly to how there are a wide range of locations and venues to choose from for an Indian destination wedding, there are also a large number of ways to plan for the event. While many methods are viable, you should certainly consider using a planning service in order to enhance several of the benefits of a destination wedding that have already been mentioned. Working with someone who has planned many events like the one you are trying to plan can keep the stress levels even lower and ensure that the ceremony, venue, and decorations are all exactly what you want. While it may increase the cost slightly, the reduction in stress and increase in quality of arrangements is more than worth it.

Obviously, there are tons of choices to be made when going through the process of planning a wedding. While it may seem like a destination wedding is an extravagant choice, the reality is that it is a very affordable option. With the help of a qualified planner helping you pick the right destination wedding packages you will find that the wedding of your dreams in the location of your dreams is well within your reach. If you’ve always dreamed of a beautiful beach sunset wedding or a serene riverside cabin in the mountains, you should consider all the advantages of a destination wedding when planning your upcoming ceremony. You may be surprised at what is within your reach.