Destination Wedding

1. You’ve always imagined your ceremony in a certain vacation spot. Maybe you spent an idyllic vacation earlier in your relationship at a gorgeous Caribbean resort or a laid-back Key West hotel. Or maybe you met while in a new city during a business trip. Maybe you have always dreamt of having your feet in the sand with the sun setting behind you, an Indian destination wedding may be just the ticket for you.

2. Your families and friends are from here, there and everywhere. Many couples have guests from all over the place that will need to fly or drive to wherever the wedding will be. If that is the case why not just have the wedding in your fantasy destination and provide your guests an extra reason to attend.

3. You’re not interested in a traditional hotel/ reception hall wedding. You don’t want the same old same old. It could be your temple or church or just another hotel or Country Club. Some are nicer than others but at the end of the day they are all very similar and just don’t make your wedding bells ring.

4. You want to make the planning easier (yes, easier). It’s true that any wedding—whether at home or away— can morph into a logistical nightmare. But because many resorts and hotels have on-site wedding coordinators that do all the legwork for you, an Indian destination wedding can be less stressful to plan.

5. You want to streamline costs (or even, in some cases, save money). No one can definitively say that a destination wedding costs less than an at-home reception. But no one can say it costs more, either. However, it often turns out to be easier to keep costs in check in a faraway locale. Two reasons: One, you’re likely to have a smaller guest list (the biggest way to save $$ on your wedding is to keep the list lean); and two, your choices are less copious than they might be at home.